It’s time to join the White Rock Valley Neighborhood Association!

Your participation in the White Rock Valley Neighborhood Association directly contributes back to the betterment of the quality of life you enjoy while living in the WRV neighborhood. Whether it’s through the enjoyment of sponsored neighborhood events like National Night Out, the everyday visual improvements of beautification projects or through staying informed about area development and other neighborhood matters, the WRVNA touches the lives of its residents daily.

The WRVNA offers tiered membership levels to all residents of White Rock Valley. While General membership is a basic membership, Premium and Platinum offer additional ways to help out with White Rock Valley. We thank you for your contribution!

You can read the WRVNA bylaws here.

A note before you begin the membership process:

Users have been telling us that the new Microsoft Edge browser that comes with Windows 10 does not work properly with our Paypal buttons and the Paypal process. If you have a browser on your computer besides the Edge browser please use it instead. Otherwise you will experience problems.

We’ve also been told that Safari is giving users problems too. If you have access to other browsers besides these two we suggest using them to sign up instead of Edge or Safari.

There are two ways to join:

1) Choose your membership level below and click the ‘Join Now’ button to pay securely online with any major credit card or with Paypal.

General Membership :

Premium Membership: General Membership + ENP Security :

Platinum Membership: General Membership + ENP Security :

Would you like to donate a particular sum outside of your normal WRVNA dues? It can be done with the button below.

2) If you are joining and not donating, please print and complete the registration form. Mail the registration form and a check made out to WRVNA to the following:

9660 Audelia Rd, Suite 123-20, Dallas, TX 75238