Meet The Board


Your WRVNA Board is hard at work to keep White Rock Valley safe, beautiful and prosperous. Please contact any of the board members below should you need assistance:

President Mark Holmes
Vice President Chris Menczer
Secretary Andrew Siegel
Treasurer Alyssa Ramsey
Beautification/Landscape Dan Houchard
Public Safety/ENP Ken & Rhonda Coutant
Volunteers in Patrol Kyle Salzman
National Night Out Richard Duge
Welcome Ali Cullum
Newsletter Rahul Yodh
Government Liaison Robert Stelton-Swan
LHAIA Liaison Jason Thomas
Crime Watch Billy Murphy
White Rock Lake Liaison Lis Aikin
Communications Melissa Martin Guerrero
Website Rahul Yodh
Social Media Chair Rahul Yodh
Brand Refinement
Directory Updates
WRV Jingle Ride